Oscar Muñoz

William Kentridge

Vik Muniz

Invisible Forces : Leonardo's Deluge

In Leonardo's words
…to depict this tempest well, first you will make the clouds, broken in pieces, to line up along the course of the wind, accompanied by the sandy dust lifted from the marine shores, and branches and leaves, lifted by the power of the fury of the wind and scattered through the air…and the trees and grasses, bent to the ground …Show the clouds being chased by the impetuous winds and sticking into the high tops of the mountains, turning them into enveloping back-eddies, like waves striking against the cliffs…I have seen motions of air so furious that they have gathered up and mingled in their course the largest trees of the forests and whole roofs of great palaces, and this same fury made a hollow opening with its vortex motion and excavated a gravel pit and transported the gravel, sand and water more than half a mile through the air.

Wind Assisted : Tim Knowles

Artists' Breath

Sol LeWitt : Scribble Wall Drawings

Moving Figure : Blind Wire Contour, 30 min.

Wall Covering - Sarah Fraske

Wall Covering - Naomi Husband

Wall Covering - Amornthep Jaidee

Wall Covering - Frazer Van Roekel

Wall Covering - Samantha Staves

Wall Covering - Julia Marjerrison

Wall Covering - Lauren Polowick

Wall Covering - Marissa Grondin

Wall Covering - Lisa Reader

Wall Covering - Chantelle Deaust

Wall Covering - Ellen Generous

Wall Covering - Patricia Latimer

Wall Covering - Meagan Thomson

Wall Covering - Jessica Maxwell

Wall Covering - Matthew Armstrong

Wall Covering - Madison Reamsbottom

Eva Hesse

Alexandre Orion

Fred Sandback